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How to write website content

Susan Dillicar - Friday, July 31, 2009

The KISS approach to writing content

Unless you are an experienced and confident writer, I suggest keeping your writing simple.  The point of content writing is to find and keep customers, and you do this with informative and readable content.  So don't freak out if you don't have a BA in English.  Here are some simple points to consider:

1) Use simple english.  If you can make your point in 6 words instead of 15, then do it.  Readers are scanning for information, not Shakespearean verse.

2) Always do a spell and grammar check.  Errors reflect poorly on your professionalism.

3) Provide good information.  Good, useful information will keep viewers, even if your writing is ordinary.  Do research and find out the most current information on the subject, if need be.

4) Provide easily scanned structure.  Readers scan content to see if it is useful so have headings, sub headings and points to help them scan quickly.

5) Consider providing answers to commonly asked questions. People are always searching for answers to questions so if you are an expert in a field, then think of questions your readers would like to have answered.

6) If it all seems like to much hard work, then find a ghostwriter.  Webwordsmith provides a writing service or you can advertise for a freelance writer at places like elance.  Rates vary greatly, depending of the writer's experience but the average rate is between $35-55 per hour, or you can negotiate a fee for the whole project.

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